Movie Stunts - Rivers Edge Stunts.  If you're looking for safe and dynamic Movie Stunts - you've come to the right place!  We specialise in Movie Stunts.
We can provide Movie Stunts to match any budget, providing professional screen action in a bespoke, cost effective way.

Whether you need just one Stuntman for your Movie Stunts or one Professional Stuntwoman, or a hundred Stuntmen and Stuntwomen,  Rivers Edge Stunts can deliver.
If you require just one Stunt Coordinator, or need more Stunt Coordinators to cover second units or underwater units - again,
Rivers Edge Stunts can provide your exact requirements, in time, and under budget.

Every Stunt Performer we use is a highly skilled, highly qualified member of the JISC Register of Stunt Performers and Stunt Arrangers (previously the Equity Stunt Register), and fully conform to the exacting standards put in place by the JISC.

If you like your Stunt Arranger to provide conceptual and creative aspects for your Movie Stunts - from script interpretation
through breakdowns, to actual realisation, please give us a call today.

Movie Stunts - Rivers Edge Stunts.